The Cancer Fighters

Join our National Non Uniform Day in schools around the country for Stand Up To Cancer

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Let's beat cancer once and for all. Our new song is coming out on October 1st

Our story

We are a group of ladies from Lincolnshire called ‘The Cancer Fighters’ who have either had cancer ourselves or have had a relative diagnosed with cancer. We know the pain and devastation that it causes only too well, but we are fighting back in the way that girls do best; by singing and dancing to the ultimate, upbeat party song!

We are releasing a new song called 'We Are The Cancer Fighters' which can be purchased from Google Play, iTunes and the Amazon store from October 1st 2016.

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You can help

We need all the support and help we can get from the public, our affiliates and celebrity supporters. All proceeds from our new song, t-shirt sales and Just Giving donations go to Cancer Research UK.

  • Download our song

    Our new song is coming soon to Amazon, iTunes and Google Play

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    T-shirts now available! Find them here

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Why are we singing?

Every year hundreds of thousands of people in the UK are diagnosed with cancer and this numer is ever-increasing. Hearing those fateful words "you have cancer" can strike fear into the hearts of those it affects causing uncertainty and worry not only in their own minds, but in the minds of their friends and loved ones too.

  • Increase in cancer

    The number of cancer diagnoses has increased since 2011

  • Cancer location

    Nearly 300,000 people per year in the UK alone are diagnosed

  • Cancer representation

    Over 200 types of cancer existeach with varying treatability

We are fighting to beat all types of cancer for every woman, man and child. We believe it can, and will be beaten.

Press coverage

Celebrity support

  • Sharon Osbourne

    Sharon Osbourne

    Musician/ singer/ songwriter/ TV personality/ author

  • Russell Brand

    Russell Brand

    Activist/ Comedian/ Actor/ Radio Host

  • John Bishop

    John Bishop

    Stand Up comedian

  • Jeremy Kyle

    Jeremy Kyle

    TV Presenter & relationship psychologist

  • Lorraine Kelly

    Lorraine Kelly

    TV Presenter & personality

  • Philip Schofield & Amanda Holden

    Philip Schofield & Amanda Holden

    TV Presenters & TV personalities

  • Sheridan Smith, OBE

    Sheridan Smith, OBE

    Actress, singer & dancer

  • Christine Talbot

    Christine Talbot

    TV Personality

  • Jake Humphreys

    Jake Humphreys

    TV Presenter & personality

  • Andy Turner

    Andy Turner

    Olympic Bronze Medallist

  • Paul Canoville

    Paul Canoville

    Ex Chelsea football player

  • Len Goodman

    Len Goodman

    Strictly Come Dancing judge

  • Kian Egan

    Kian Egan

    Singer & 'Westlife' member

  • Julian White

    Julian White, MBE

    English rugby union footballer

  • Leon Lloyd

    Leon Lloyd

    Retired English rugby union footballer

  • Amanda White

    Amanda White

    BBC radio Humberside presenter

  • Sarah Corker

    Sarah Corker

    BBC Business correspondant

  • Tolu Adeoye

    Tolu Adeoye

    BBC Video Journalist

  • Sarah Walton

    Sarah Walton

    BBC Look North presenter & reporter

  • Cannon & Ball

    Cannon & Ball

    Comedic duo

  • Pino Pallidino

    Pino Pallidino

    'The Who' bassist

  • Keeley Donovan

    Keeley Donovan

    BBC Weather & News presenter

  • Amanda Redman

    Amanda Redman, MBE


  • Kaz Carney

    Kaz Carney

    England footballer

  • Perry Fenwick

    Perry Fenwick

    Film & television actor

  • The Red Arrows

    The Red Arrows

    Air Acrobatics Team